Hamsters are small, cute rodents that generally make a pretty attractive house pet. Many people have the idea that they can be a huge nuisance. However, this little concept isn't true at all. If appropriately managed, hamsters are the best pets to have, even better than cats or dogs. They are highly distinguishable from other kinds of rodents due to their short waggy tails, stubby paws, and small ears. Another great thing about hamsters? You can have various colors as they can be brown, white, golden, gray or even a mixture of several colors.


Hamsters have 24 species in total, which is quite astonishing for such a small creature. Thus, they come in numerous sizes varying from 2-4 inches to about 13.5. The Syrian hamster is among the most common breeds. If you own a Syrian hamster, they generally love nuts but have the most special liking for Roditpet Organic hamster food. Usually, people don't really prefer to adopt a hamster due to its small size and apparent unattractiveness. However, they are incredibly adorable and will always find a great way to entertain you.


Hamster Habits

Although they love sleeping during the day, do not underestimate their ability to trouble or enlighten you. They usually get scared very quickly, which gives you the freedom to set up a fun prank. Moreover, it makes for amazing Instagram content, which is always encouraged. Some hamsters are pretty social, while others are utter loners. There's no telling on who is social and who isn't.


For example, the Syrian hamster doesn't like to be in the company of other hamsters. They become pretty aggressive and may also cause a scene if put in the same cage. Dwarf hamsters, though, are more social and always put up a great show. Additionally, they don't even require much food on a day-to-day basis due to their small size. Thus, it is pretty economical and amusing to adopt a dwarf hamster.


In general, hamsters adore playing around or just running in their cage. For those who are searching for hamster cage ideas, it is up to you to become creative and give them a great playground. Hamster cage DIY becomes so helpful at such points—hamsters like playing with toys such as houses and ladders. You can simply just modify their cages so that they have enough accessories to play around with. It will go a long way in improving their mood by providing them with the best hamster cage. Our perromart store has a wider variety of cages such as Oxbow hamster cage that is a big hamster cage for your lovely pet.


Hamster Diet

Hamsters do not eat a lot in a day, but way more than their size actually suggests. Although they don't eat it all at one go, you shall definitely see them munching on something all day.


What foods can hamsters eat?

Many hamster lovers ask What can hamsters eat? Or What can hamsters eat list? they generally like seeds, cracked corn, fruits, and veggies. You can also give them hamster pellets which are said to be the best for their tiny tummies. If you are going to prepare homemade hamster food, a pet hamster's diet should have a minimum of 12% protein and 3% fat.


What do hamsters like to eat the most?

The best hamster food is fruits such as apples, vegetables such as cucumbers and carrots, in addition to whole- grain bread and cereals. You can check Perromart store for hamster food mix, best Syrian hamster food, and dwarf hamster food.


What treats are good for hamsters?

As you might have guessed, hamsters absolutely love treats. Some of the best treats you can give them are apples, bananas, broccoli, carrots, or maybe just a big slice of cheese. Do not hesitate to provide them with groundnuts either, as they absolutely love them. All these kinds are under the hamster treats list.


Want to prepare an excellent hamster treats recipe? There are loads of hamster food mixes and pellets available online. Additionally, you can search for many DIY hamster treats no bake. These will surely go a long way in making sure the little guy gets enough nutrition. Moreover, they find it delicious, especially when you add crackers and cheese. Visit our hamster collection to upgrade your hamster's diet and give him the best food ever and best hamster toys as well.