The Guinea pig is a domesticated species of rodents originating from South America. They are adorable, small, and peaceful creatures that make them ideal, cute pets. With a robust body having small limbs, a huge head, and an average lifespan, they possess the best qualities to be categorized as wise pets. Guinea pigs are small, furry rodents who are pretty active throughout the day. They generally require indoor cages that are comparatively larger so that they have more space to goof around.


What cage is best for a guinea pig?

One question many would ask is what is the best guinea pig cage? Well, they generally prefer long, flat spaces, so a regular cage which is quite large compared to their size would be brilliant for them. That’s why, large or extra large guinea pig cages indoor are considered the best. Since they are scared of heights, a second level is not recommended, as a simple ramp would also scare them. Check out this spacious Oxbow Enriched Life Large Habitat with Play Yard.


Is it OK to cover guinea pig cage?

Generally speaking, no, one should always leave enough ventilation. However, there are some situations where you could partially cover the indoor guinea pig cage, you can partially cover it with an opaque sheet to protect your pet birds, cats or even your children or with a blanket during the night for proper sleeping.


How much out of cage time do guinea pigs need?

On average, you should give them at least 1 hour of 'no cage' time twice a day so that they can explore their surroundings.


What can guinea pigs eat list?

For novice guinea pig owners who ask "What can guinea pigs eat and not eat?", don’t exhaust yourself searching for a guinea pig food chart pdf, as here we will provide you with all the information inside the guinea pig food chart.

What can guinea pigs eat daily? Since they are herbivores, their diet should consist of high-quality hay, pelleted food, and fruits as well as vegetables. Vegetables like carrots, lettuce, peas, spinach, etc., are ideal for their optimal health. Moreover, you can also give them fruits like apples, oranges, pears, and strawberries. Around 90% of their diet should consist of pig hay and pellets, though.

What can guinea pigs not eat? They shouldn’t eat onions, garlic, mushroom, avocados, potato, nuts, and any caffeine-based food like chocolate. Also, grass or flowers from your garden are prohibited as they may have pesticides that are toxic for your guinea pig.


What is the best food for guinea pigs?

For the best guinea pig food to provide your pet with well-balanced nutrients, check out perromart's range.


What to feed guinea pigs when out of food?

Vegetables especially leafy greens are considered the best alternative when out of food. Guinea pig food vegetables are carrots, lettuce, peas, spinach, broccoli, and cabbage.