Birds are among the most adorable pets that people love to keep in their households. There are different reasons for these. Some people want to have them around for the sake of companionship,  some love seeing birds together so they get them in pairs, and some fall in love with how some birds can be taught specific words easily.  So, as a bird lover that loves to have them around or probably, you already have them, the following are relevant things you would like to know about them:


Are birds good house pets?

Yes, they are. They are good house pets because you can easily integrate them into your households. Besides,  they are low maintenance with a long life span.


Can any bird be a pet?

Most birds are great as pets. However, some perhaps wouldn't make domestic pets—this includes birds like bald eagles ( they are too aggressive to be kept as pets).


What is the best bird to buy as a pet?

There are different amazing pet birds out there you can buy. The following is the top list of birds that will answer questions like " Which is the best bird to keep as a pet?" and "What is the friendliest pet bird?". Additionally, they are considered the best pet birds for kids.

    • Parakeets or budgerigar (green cheeked parakeet)
    • cockatoos ( cockatiel, white cockatoo,  Galah, etc.) 
    • Canaries ( domestic canary, Atlantic canary, etc.) 
    • Conures 
    • African grey parrot
    • Amazon parrot 
    • lovebirds
    • Parrotlets 
    • Mascarene parrot
    • Pionus parrots 
    • Finches including zebra finch (very quiet pet birds) 
    • Hyacinth macaw (blue and yellow macaw
    • Sun Conure 
    • Caique 
    • Australorp


Is it cruel to have a pet bird?

No, it's not in any way cruel to have a pet bird as long as you are able to properly care for it by providing for its needs.


What does a pet bird eat?

There are different pressing questions that people ask about food for birds at home or homemade pet bird food recipes.


Can I feed my pet bird wild bird food?

Don't feed your pet bird diet of wild bird seeds as it could lead to some health conditions. Check out these types of properly-blended bird food available right here on perromart!


Is bread bad for birds?

No, but it should be introduced to your birds in low quantities due to its low nutritional value.


Do birds eat bananas?

Yes, bananas are one of the best pet foods on the parrot food list. Banana contributes immensely to a  healthy parrot diet for your lovely parrots


What do you feed a small bird?

The best pet bird food for a small baby bird often consists of the following formula; 60% kitten kibble, 20% mealworms, and 20% hard- boiled eggs. 


What human food can pet birds eat?

The following birds food name are some types of human food for your birds; bananas, cooked pasta, raisins, rice, hard cheese, eggshells, peanut butter, melon, pumpkin, and squash seeds.


Do pet birds poop everywhere?

Yes, they do when they are not in the cage.