Yu Peony Blossom Fragrance Spray for Pet 150ml


A broad variety of grooming items incorporating a rich blend of exceptional oriental herbs and flora is provided by YU, the exclusive pet care from Asia. YU grooming products are produced and formulated in Taiwan with superior ingredients to ensure that your pet is not only pampered, but also safe. A rich blend of peony and bouquet is mixed in this fragrance spray, making it elegant and adorable. Spray on to give a nice touch of hydration to your pet's coat and leave him or her smelling fresh and floral. Peony Blossom Fragrance Spray is great for in-between baths or as part of the grooming routine.


  • Fragrance spray for pets
  • Rich blend of peony and bouquet
  • Elegant and floral
  • Gently hydrates the coat and leaves pet smelling fresh
  • Great for in-between baths or as part of grooming routine


Peony, Witch Hazel, Allantoin, Epilobium Fleischeri Extract.


  • Clean pet’s paws after a walk
  • Partial cleanse
  • Can’t take a bath (injury, sickness, cold weather or great for traveling)