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Vitakraft Poesie Colours Tuna & Riceberry with Salmon in Jelly 70g


Taste that melts in the mouth - deliciously tender, bite by bite: fluffy, whisked mousse in enticing flavours.

For a cat to lead a healthy life, a balanced diet is one of the most important factors. Not only does Poésie ® fulfill the requirements of adult cats perfectly, the tasty variations even indulge your kitty with irresistibly good taste. For each cat, a poem! Your cat can know that, bite by bite, you've chosen the very best for it.

Poésie – just the right portion of love and affection, every day. For a loving relationship that lasts a cat’s lifetime.


  • Wet cat food for adult cats.
  • Provides your cat with a balance and healthy diet.
  • Grain-free recipe with no sugar added.
  • Made in Germany.

    Nutritional Info


    Water. Tuna. Riceberry. Salmon. Sunflower oil. Jelly powder. Mineral (Dicalcium phosphate. potassium chloride. sodium chloride. magnesium sulphate). Vitamin mix (Vitamin C. Thiamine mononitrate. Vitamin E. Niacin. Pantothenic acid. Riboflavin. Pyridoxin hydrochloride. Folic acid. D.biotin. Vitamin B12 [Cyanocobalamine]. Vitamin A [Retinyl acetate]. Vitamin D3 [Cholecalciferol]. Zinc.Chelate. Iron.Chelate. Manganese .Chelate. Calcium Iodate. Sodium Selenite). Choline chloride. Taurine. Sodium EDTA. Copper Proteinate

    Guaranteed Analysis

    Moisture 92%. Raw Protein 7%. Raw Fat 1.5%. Raw Ash 3%. Raw Fibre 2%. Calcium 0.10%. Phosphorous 0.10%

          Feeding Instructions

          • Feed daily as a complete and balanced meal according to instructions on the label, or mix in with dry food and other types of food as a meal mixer or topper.
          • Wet food is a good option for cats who do not drink water frequently or sufficiently.
          • If this food is new to your cat, gradually introduce into his or her diet by mixing in small portions of the new food with the current food.
          • This should take at least 1 week to do so (eg. mix 20% of new food with 80% of the current food for the first two, 40% of the new food with 60% of the current food for the next two, and so on).
          • Do note that the transition period can take up to a month if your cat:
          • Has a sensitive stomach.
          • Has only been on one or few types of cat food formulas in his or her life.