Vitakraft Cat Liquid Snack Duck + Beta-Glucans Cat Treats 90g


For your cat that tastes pure, Vitakraft Cat Liquid-Snack Duck & ß-Glucans is a very tasty treat. You can feed it from the tube directly, place some on your finger for the cat to lick off, or add it as a supplement to their meals. It can also help to get used to new foods for pickier eaters. It has a gel-like consistency that is enjoyed by cats, but is also free of artificial colors, preservatives.

The beta-glucans that are added will help improve the immune system of your cat. There are six individually wrapped treats in the eco-friendly cardboard packaging, making this a very practical treat that still tastes fantastic and gives your cat a true feeling of being spoiled.


  • Liquid cat snack
  • For between meals or as a supplement to the main food, to help to make the food more acceptable
  • Beta-glucans can support the immune systm
  • Low calorie
  • No artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives
  • Creamy consistency that cats really enjoy
  • Individually packaged in 6 separate portions

Nutritional Info


Meat and meat by-products from (beef, poultry, pork, duck (4%)), vegetable by-products (maize gluten), milk and dairy products, oils and fats, ß-Glucane (500mg/kg).

Guaranteed Analysis

  • Protein 3.5 %
  • Fat 3.5 %
  • Fibre 0.5 %
  • Ash 1.0 %
  • Moisture 88.5 %

Feeding Instructions

Serve as treats or snacks. Vitakraft Cat Liquid-Snack Duck & ß-Glucans is a supplementary food for cats. A between-meal treat for your cat.