Smokehouse Lamb Bonz Dog Treats


Our Lamb Bonz is from the Bone of the Lamb Femur. To boost their flavor and color, we roast them in their own juices. This bone is suitable for smaller dogs and provides a better substitute for those dogs with beef and pork bone sensitivities. Dogs just love lamb's real taste!

For your dog, Smokehouse Lamb Bonz is a perfect treat that offers hours of fun! They are from the bone of the lamb femur and come with plenty of meat that your dog has left to enjoy. To boost their flavor and colour, the bones are roasted in their own juices. They are suitable for smaller dogs and provide a better alternative to beef and pork bones for those dogs with sensitivities. Dogs just love the lamb taste,


  • Natural bones are a fully digestible component of the everyday diet of a dog and are completely natural.
  • Feeding a natural bone is a perfect option if you do not brush your dog's teeth with a toothbrush. Chewing bones helps chip plaque away, which can cause poor breath and a variety of dental problems that are potentially severe.
  • Naturally, dogs have the desire to chew. This is why your shoes, furniture or something else would be chewed in their way. Redirect this action by using a bone to handle them.
  • Much as people get sick of dogs. Especially if you're not home or too busy to rub your belly. Feeding a natural bone will stimulate the mind of your puppy and rid them of boredom.
  • To bring out the delicious, natural flavor, these bones are slow-roasted in their own juices. Shrink individually, packed for your convenience.

Nutritional Info


Lamb Femur Bone


    Do have plenty of fresh water for your dog when eating some kind of dried treats or chews. Destined only for occasional or supplementary feeding. When you give a bone to your dog, supervision is often recommended. To ensure a healthy product, Smokehouse Pet Products goes to great lengths, but we recommend you pick an appropriate bone size for your dog. We recommend that you take away any bone that is small enough to fit in your dog's mouth. We also recommend taking any tiny bits that your dog has chewed off.