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Pawbo Spring for Pets

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Pawbo Spring Smart Pet Fountain is a great way to monitor your pets water intake, as one third of older cats have some form of kidney disease, it is crucial that they get the right amount of water they need. 

Record Drinking Pattern

See how much your pets drink. Get notified when your pets aren't drinking enough water!

One Fountain For All Your Pets

Tells you about the pattern of each of your pets with iPuppyGo tag!

Extra Clean Water

Triple layer filter provides your pets the water without hair, smells and bacteria!

Record the Best Moments

Auto-record your pet's moment of drinking that melts your heart!

Designed for your pets

15 degree sloping design allows your pets to drink comfortably without hurting their neck.

Easy to Clean

Removable water tank allows you refill and clean effortlessly.

Smart Fountain

Get notified when the water level is low. The water pump shuts down automatically when the water level is too low. 

Product Specifications
Model: PPC-PW01.
Input: 5V 1A.
Power adapter: 100-240V ~ 50/60 Hz.
Weight: 2500 grams.
Capacity: 3L.
Operation temperature: 5°C - 45°C.
Input: 5V 1A.
SD Card: 8gb.
CPU: Goke GK8602B.
Flash: Flash 128M Bytes.
Bluetooth: ST BlueNRG1 Module 1.
WiFi: MT7601 Module.
Microphone: One microphone.
Camera: 2 million pixel.
Pump capacity: 110L/H.
LED:Dual-color LED: Red and Blue.
Filter: PP cotton, Activated carbon, Ion-Exchange resin. 
1 year manufacturer warranty included.

What’s included in the box
1 x Filter pack (3 pieces).
1 x Pawbo Spring Smart Pet Fountain.
1 x Pawbo iPuppyGo

Size Guide

Product Dimensions
(H) 250 x (W) 243 x (L) 258 mm


When your pet wears the iPuppyGo tag, Pawbo Spring Smart Pet Fountain automatically detects them and record, to help you capture their drinking activity! These clips can be downloaded directly from the Pawbo Spring app.