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Kit Cat Classic Clump Cat Litter 10L (Charcoal - Unscented)


For superior odor control and optimum moisture absorption, KitCat all-natural cat litters are made of 100 percent sodium bentonite and enhanced with perfume silica beads, offering excellent odor control and ease of cleaning. Its superior fast-clumping abilities cause a breeze to clean up. Only scoop the clump and throw it away. The rest of the litter remains clean, odourless and ready to reuse, making it a very economical and environmentally friendly choice and also minimizes dust and tracking around your home!


  • With added silica beads for maximum odour control.
  • Reduce tracking
  • High Absorbency
  • Instant Clumping
  • Dust-free




Step 1: Fill the litter box with approximately 2-3 inches of Kit Cat cat litter

Step 2: Kit Cat cat litter is designed to form a clump around liquid water instantly. Scoop up and dispose clumps and solids daily.

Step 3: It is advisable to empty and clean the entire litter box every month and dispose of contents in the bin.