Eye Envy Tear Stain Remover Solution (3 Sizes)


In tear stain removal systems, Eye Envy is the ultimate. This safe , non-irritating and efficient cleanser and beautifier, externally applied, eliminates unsightly stains and prevents the development of dark stains. In both the original and herbal versions, Eye Envy is available and is safe for use on puppies.

The Eye Envy 16 oz bottle is suitable for big kennels or grooming shops. Extend your purchasing power with this bigger, cost-effective bottle and always have a ready stock on hand. It is also well suited for use with large animals that need more specific care and may have regular eye discharge. This healthy and effective solution can also be applied to your pet to remove most foot and mouth stains, primarily used for removing eye stains.



Using BOTH EE solution and powder is highly recommended when initially removing stains. You will achieve the best outcomes together. Refrigeration requires the original solution. Eye Envy does not contain and is topically applied with any chlorine, peroxide, steroids or other harmful agents. The nominal shelf life under refrigerated and sealed conditions is approximately 2-3 months.