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Dom & Cleo Organics Fibre Blend Mix For Dogs & Cats 12oz


Dom and Cleo Organics Fibre blend is an extremely convenient way for you to add fibre to your cat/dog’s raw diet. If your cat/dog has never been on raw, the fibre blend may help with an easier and smoother transition to raw. With just 4 certified organic ingredients, this is great for cats/dogs who are allergic to certain fruits and veges. You can also be sure you are giving GMO free food to your dogs. Formulated with selected organic ingredients to minimise allergic reactions while maintaining proper PH balance for cats and dogs. Dom & Cleo Organic Fiber Blend promotes proper peristalsis in the digestive tract for bowel regularity and form.

Nutritional Info


Organic flaxseed, Organic apple, Organic psyllium husk, Organic pumpkin


Instructions to Use:
Add 1/4tsp to 50g of food, mix and feed. Amount may be increased or decreased as desired to help firm up stools as needed or when transitioning diets.