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CatIdea Luxury Double Open Pet Food Container - Pink (3 Sizes)


CATIDEA’s food storage container is durable, sturdy, and keeps dry food and treats fresh for consumption. The hermetically sealed, airtight, dual open lid allows for huge contents to be poured into the container at a go, while the small lid allows for easy access to your cat or dog’s daily serving of food. Each container comes with a food scoop, and has compartments under the lid for storage of oxygen or moisture absorbents for added preservability.

Double U Seal Groove Fresh Guarantee – Insulates the air and in most air conditions ensures that the dry cat food is fresh and dry.

Size cover design is flexible to use fresher – Open the lid to facilitate feeding into the feed; open a small lid, easier to take food, reduce cat food and air contact.

Snap seal design enhances freshness – The unique buckle design can firmly fix the cover and the barrel to avoid the invasion of pests such as ants and mosquitoes.


  • Comes with food scoop and compartments for oxygen or moisture absorbers
  • Keeps dry food matter or treats fresher, longer!


  • 10kg - 50 x 28 x 44cm
  • 5kg - 48 x 34 x 55cm
  • 3kg - 34 x 20 x 22cm