There are probably a lot of reasons for choosing dogs as your pets but some significant ones are; spending only 15-30 minutes with your puppy can help you feel more quiet and loose, less stress and a lot of happiness. Children who grow up with a dog have a less danger of getting any kind skin inflammation than the individuals who have no pooches by any means. The kids that have a dog around their homes are less affected by the allergic reactions happening in the environment. Then their habitual needs are closer to the human beings for example they can be excellent companions when you go out for exercise as they need it too. The breeds like Canines make fabulous friends after a little training for the people with any kind of disabilities. Due to their heightened senses, sight, and hearing, your dogs are the best for any alarming situations as they are the most faithful of all the animals. Those pet owners having certain breeds know that what a dog can do for you after he has been taught a little bit and enlightened with behaviors and moods according to your own personality. The bond between a dog and his owner can be unbreakable at times with such amazing feelings and sentiments that it feels the best thing in the world. The Most famous Dog Breeds in Singapore The most famous dog breed of all the dogs in Singapore is Shih Tzu which is considered to be one of the oldest dog breeds on earth and is originated from China. Their uncanny resemblance with Ewoks is really amazing with that overloaded cuteness. Then, there are Jack Russel Terriers A.K.A JRTs which are adorable because of their small size and playful personality. They make exceptionally good family pets. The Maltese are yet another dog breed that can’t be ignored anywhere in the world to choose as your pet. The next on the list is Miniature Schnauzer that is often said to be the intelligent and fun-loving dog breed. These were used as guard dogs in the early ages and since then have evolved a lot but still are a delight to own. Golden Retrievers is another amazing breed of pets that were  used as work dogs before and still are seen to perform jobs for their owners. Their color gets darker gloriously as they grow old and that is fascinating to many people. The Chihuahua is not a common breed to us all too. These are one of the most confident dogs at places and their sentiments with their owners are not at all common. They have a long life too and are perfect to keep because of their smaller size. The poodle is really love-able dog breed and has been around for a while now. They have become very famous dogs in Singapore now. The last but not the least are Labradors and Pomeranian. The first one is famous worldwide and the latter one is never the less one of the cutest and littlest dog breed to keep in your family.