perroclub is perromart's loyalty program where customers can accumulate perropoints from spending and participating in social media intiatives, which they can redeem for perks!
Simply create an account with us, and you will instantly receive 200 perropoints! Your account status will being as "Classic", and you can move up tiers with subsequent purchases and participating in seasonal intiatives.
There are 4 tiers in perroclub: Classic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Find out more about each tier's perks here: https://perromart.com.sg/pages/perrorewards-singapore-online-pet-store
Find out more about the amazing perks you can get as a perroclub member here: https://perromart.com.sg/pages/perrorewards-singapore-online-pet-store
Your status is valid for the remainder of the year as well as the following year, when you achieve the new membership tier status. For example, if you achieved Gold status in October 2020, your status is valid for the remainder of 2020 and the entire 2021. However, within this time period, you will need to earn 3500 points to remain in the Gold tier.
No, you will not be.
During the validity period, you need to earn 1500 points in order to stay in the Silver tier. For Gold and Platinum, it would be 3500 and 6000 respectively. For example, you achieved Gold status in Oct 2020, your Gold status is valid for the rest of 2020 and the entire 2021. And within that time period, you need to earn 3500 points in order to continue staying in the Gold tier.
"How to earn perropoints:
1. Sign up as a member with us & earn 200 perropoints!
2. Follow us on instagram & earn 100 perropoints!
3. Like us on facebook & earn 99 perropoints!
4. Share us on facebook & earn 100 perropoints!
5. Leave us a product review & *earn 60 perropoints! *(limited to 7 product reviews in 7 days with photo)
6. Place an order and earn the points from your total spending based on your tier.
7. Know someone who is a paw-parent? Refer them to perromart & earn 500 perropoints and your friends & family will get a 5% off their first purchase!"
Simply log in to your account page to view your points balance!
You can redeem your perropoints to get vouchers! For example, 500 perropoints can be redeemed for $5.
Yes, points will be expired after 1 year of inactivity. The point balance will be reset to 0
No, you cannot combine points across multiple accounts.
Simply log in to your account, scroll down the page to find your unique referral link. After copying the link, you can easily paste it in an email, chat, or social media message to your friends!
A successful referral occurs when the friend who you referred uses your unique referral link to make a purchase. After the purchase is complete, you will both receive the referral perks!
You can share your unique referral link with anyone! We're always looking to grow our furmily and welcome new members.
When you refer a friend and they have successfully made a purchase, your friend gets 7% off in their first purchase and you receive 700 perropoints!
There is no limit to the number of referrals! We encourage our perroclub members to refer as many furriends as they like to join.