Kit Cat

Love Your Cat, Love with Kit Cat. Established since 2013, Kit Cat has found it's way to becoming THE cat brand of the year for 2019-2020. This award is based on Kit Cat's best quality selection of cat products to keep our kitties healthier and happier.

With 4 different ranges, Kit Cat offers a variety of nutritious super premium cat recipes that's sure to please the pickiest cats with it's delicious taste.

Kit Cat's cat litter comes in 7 different ranges and provides a wide variety of bases. From bentonite to soya to crystal, you name it, we have it. The most popular ones being the soya clump and the classic clump (bentonite)

Kit Cat Soya Clump carton boxes are designed to be reused and repurposed from a plain looking box to a special cat house! With a few simple steps, you can not only build your own DIY cat house, but also help the earth by reducing your carbon footprint.

Kit Cat provides a large selection of dry food and allows for your cats to have an assortment of flavours. These dry food are nutritious and provides health benefits for your furkids!

Kit Cat treats consist of 6 ranges! Each range of treat not only offers a yummy snack for your cat, but also helps provide a health benefit! From helping with your cat's dental health to keeping them hydrated, your cat is sure to enjoy and stay healthy!