11.11 Singles’ Day Are You And Your Pet All Geared-Up For the Largest Shopping Holiday Of The Year?

Happy Singles Day! Did you know that Singles’ Day has surpassed Black Friday and Cyber Monday when it comes to scoring great deals and shopping perks? 11.11 Singles’ Day is an international mega event filled with lots of fun and activities and great online deals. Indeed, it has become an event of epic proportions!


Singles’ Day Origin

The celebration of Singles’ Day (or Chinese Singles Day) today is a far cry from its somber origins. In the past, it was an obscure Chinese holiday where lonely young men spend the day gazing wistfully out the window. Today, 11.11 Day or Chinese Double Eleven Day is now filled with social activities-- single men and women gather together to celebrate with parties, blind dates, etc.


Who Started the 11.11 Sale?

The annual shopping events during Singles’ Day started as an Alibaba sale, otherwise known as Alibaba Singles Day. As the amount of people’s disposable income increases, sales events are something to look forward to in anticipation. Today, aside from Alibaba, big names in E-retail, such as Shopee and Lazada, are also cashing in on the 11.11 shopping day. Best Deals Singles Day online sales are launched days before 11 Day (11 November) further stirring the flames of anticipation, which can add to the popularity of the 11 11 sales shop fest.

Alibaba Singles’ Day has also developed to be the largest shopping holiday worldwide, sometimes coined as 11.11 Black Friday. It has transformed into a glitzy event that people around the world look forward to World Singles Day with anticipation and enthusiasm. Gone are the days when 11 November is thought to be the loneliest time of the year. Singles’ Day is now celebrated with scoring great deals and lots of online shopping.

Whether you’re treating yourself with the juiciest items on sale, or buying early Christmas gifts for your loved ones (including your beloved pets, too!) so you’ll be able to avoid the holiday rush, this 11.11 Singles Day sale should never be missed.


Singles’ Day Deals for Singaporean Shoppers

With today’s pandemic, online marketplaces have experienced unprecedented success in sales. E-commerce among Singaporean consumers is rapidly growing and shoppers are looking forward to taking advantage of unbelievable discounts from their favorite brands during the 11.11 singles day sales. It’s no wonder why online sellers are on a mad dash in gearing up to launch their sales blitzes and get a chunk of the market.


Score on the Best Pet Supply Deals on 11.11 Singles’ Day Sale

11.11 Singles’ Day is not just about celebrations. This 11 11 sale annual shopping festival is taking the e-commerce marketplace by storm. Through the years, regular top e-commerce performers, such as household goods, apparel, and electronics have consistently outperformed each other in terms of sales. But as more and more Singaporeans share their lives and homes with pets, the pet supplies sector has now become the fastest annual grower on online e-commerce platforms.

Today, people treat their pets as members of the family. Pet food and supplies now get a chunk out of the household budget. The ease and convenience of shopping for modern lifestyle products have also seen an unprecedented number of pet owners flocking online shops and getting advantage of quality goods and services delivered right to your doorsteps.

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11.11 Online Shopping Tips Get The Most For Your Furry Friend During The World’s Biggest Online Shopping Extravaganza

As the clock strikes midnight on November 11, Singles’ Day shopping gala officially kicks off. Here are some tips for enjoying the best deals and getting your money’s worth and more.


Take note of our 11 11 Sale Calendar!

Just like Alibaba, Shopee, Lazada, and other leading online e-commerce platforms, perromart has tons of sale goodies in store for you and your pet. Get ahead of the crowds and take advantage of our pre-sale period. This is your chance to save more and reserve items at bargain prices!

You can now start adding products to your cart and pay on November 11. Shopping in advance is a fool-proof way to avoid being disappointed with out-of-stock problems!

Always be alert to redeem those much-coveted cashback shopping vouchers. Check out for 11.11 vouchers and get Singles Day discounts for shipping, enjoy cash backs, and other perks.


Make a list of your must-have items

Start making your list to make sure you won’t forget anything that your pet will need. It’s the best way for faster checkout.


Hot deals wait for no one

If you’re not quick enough, hot deals will surely be gone before you know it. Whether you’re out to score on Singles day offers on pet food, treats, toys, healthcare, grooming supplies, pet accessories, and travel essentials, perromart has you covered this 11 November Singles Day. Happy shopping!


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